FFP2 face masks ( or N95 Masks)

An N95 mask is an indispensable PPE device that offers at least 95% filtration of airborne particles. Popularly known as N95 respirators,  they are widely used by health workers and front line medical staff for protection against potentially lethal pathogens such as coronavirus. 


Key Features 

  • Tight-fitting mask to prevent the entry of virus, bacteria and finest dust particles

  • Made of non-woven polypropylene fabric 

  • Generally comes in oval shape 

  • Attached elastic band to keep it affixed 

  • Forms a close facial seal around the mouth 

  •  N95 respirator masks are disposable and not usable for more than a day

Biotech Masks That Offer Highest Protection Against Respiratory Viruses

U-Earth developed the first and only biotech protection safety mask that not only blocks inbound contaminants, it also neutralises them inside the mask  This great level of air particle filtration ensures protection against contagious air diseases such as the coronavirus to you and people  around you.

From reducing the bacterial load to blocking the transmission of pathogens among individuals, the N-95 face mask is an integral part of a typical PPE kit for healthcare workers and first medical responders.  


The first and only biotech N95 mask by U-Mask does not pose any harm to the wearers or anyone surrounding them thanks to the auto-sanitizing and anti-proliferative bio-active layer and the added benefit of not having a valve.. Medical workers can feel safe wearing-Mask even in bad air environments.

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Surgical Masks or N95 Masks?

Wearing a surgical mask or N-95 mask is no longer a choice for health workers. They offer the kind of protection medical professionals seek when exposed to precarious situations. There are apparent differences which can help you decide which mask to use in a unique healthcare setting. 

A surgical mask has loose-fitting and is a disposal device that guards against potential air contaminants. It does not form a tight seal around the nose and the mouth. 

An N95 respirator mask has tight-fitting and offers high air particles filtration efficiency.  It forms a close facial seal that prohibits the breach from airborne particles. 

Despite the differences, both the protective masks do not offer the best protection and must be disposed after short usage times.

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