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How does the cover work?

There are different models of U-Mask.

U-Mask URBAN premium model is a REFILL to be inserted in a cover.


The cover can be double faced in the cotton satin collections, or it comes in a single faced solid color in the waterproof models.


The refill can be purchased separately once your premium pack supply has been used.

This video will show you the whole UNPACKING EXPERIENCE.

Reversable double side cotton cover soild color and waterproof  cover with holes for traspiration


What's in the URBAN premium pack?


U-mask URBAN premium pack contains one cover, 1 refill and 2 size elastic ear bands to fit different size heads.


The package can be used to carry your U-mask in your bag when you are not wearing it.


What is the U-mask SOS model?


U-mask SOS is a version of the refill which can be worn without a cover.

It has stapled rubber elastic head bands and fits all sizes. It is sold as a single piece.


The rubber elastic on my SOS broke


U-mask SOS  can last longer than its elastic rubber band. This is why we are supplying an extra set of elastic ear bands you can use as well, together with the bag to keep your SOS clean for the longest time possible.


Please watch the video to learn how to change the rubber band with the supplied elastic ear bands. 


How long will U-mask last for?


U-mask SOS  and U-mask REFILL BIO-active TM layer will remain active for 1 year after the package is opened.


You can use your U-mask for hundreds of hours or until it feels comfortably clean. 


How long will my cover last for?


U-mask covers are taylored in Italy with the best available fabric quality.


Unlike most printed dust masks or cloth masks you find on the market which badly fade once you wash them, you can hand wash your u-mask cover for unlimited times without the colors fading in any way.


What if U-mask does not fit perfectly tight on the face? Will pollution enter?


No, U-mask will protect you anyway.   The principle behind U-mask is different from the other masks on the market.  


U-earth biotechnologies is a company leader in professional air purification through biotechnology ( see

The technology is based on attraction by electrical molecular charge (no ventilation needed) and destruction of the captured contaminants by bio-oxidation.


They have published several scientific studies on the efficiency of the technology in capturing and destroying every kind of air contaminants through  AIRcel bioreactors which work with water, airflow and a proprietary biotech compound of harmless microorganisms called U-Ox which digest the pollution.


The same biophysical attraction principle of AIRcel air purifiers has been applied to U-mask.


Unlike the other masks on the market which rely on avoiding leakage since the air in order to be treated HAS to pass through nothing more than a number of fabric layers hoping the ultra fine particles will remain physically entrenched in the fabric ( which they do but only for the largest ones), U-mask created an "electrostatic field" around it, recreating the conditions of the air purifiers.


The water comes from the breath humidity and the flow from the inhale/exhale process which activates the internal Bio-activated layer.


The result of this combination of elements is that the micro organisms generate a very tight polymeric field neutrally charged, which attract by electrical molecular charge the superfine contaminants, like a magnet would do with iron dust,  traps them in and destroys them by bio oxidation, leaving behind the indigestible elements ( this is why the refill will eventually get saturated and has to be changed ).


Therefore, going back to the leakage concern, IF the superfine particles manage to enter the inside of the mask, instead of being more naturally attracted to the external, they will travel to the internal mask surface, thus not directing  to the airways.


How do I keep my U-mask clean?


If you are using your U-mask jogging or cycling, most likely you will be sweating a lot.  Once you finish your workout please make sure you hang your U-mask somewhere - like on a door or window handle - and let it thoroughly dry before you store it back in the protective package. 


If U-mask refill or SOS  gets stained with makeup, sweat or pollution, you can gently wipe the stains with a damp cloth and warm water ( do not soak! ) and let dry completely.


At some point, your refill will get too saturated and you will have to change it with a new one. Your cover instead will last forever. You can hand wash it with cold water and delicate soap.


How can I adjust the elastic ear bands if my U-mask is fitting too large? (kids)


If you have a very small head of you want to fit U-mask on a child you can adjust the elastic bands to cross behind the head instead of going around your ears.


This set up will hold U-mask firmly on your face when you feel you are more comfortable with a tighter fit.

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